Re: Swedish italians (was: Why Do We Die?)

Anders Sandberg (
02 Feb 1999 16:56:41 +0100

Dan Hook <> writes:

> On 2 Feb 1999, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > "Michael S. Lorrey" <> writes:
> >
> > > Ha, I'm Scottish/Swedish/Italian (50%/25%/25%).
> >
> > Hmm, that Swedish-Italian mix again. Is there something that makes
> > Swedish-Italians especially extropic? And can we find the gene/meme
> > for it so we others can get it too? :-)
> To add more data to your survey, I'm 12.5% Swedish and 12.5% Italian. If
> we can assume that extropic tendencies are somehow related to the mix of
> the two then the fact that I have extropic tendencies and that I have
> small amounts of Swedish and Italian blood could be useful in narrowing
> down the possible genetic candidates. My diverse heritage will not,
> unfortunately, help in figuring out any memetic link.

My personal guess is that the link might be weakly memetic. Neophobes likely do not leave their home culture, and the combination of two rather different cultures would likely be stimulating for the children, who might pass on some of the memes and traits. I have noted that the greater latin extroversion gives a noticeable social advantage among us comparatively introvert swedes.

Of course, my ideas would suggest similar combinations for other culture mixes. Might be harder to tell in America due to the "background noise" of so many people with mixed background, but it should be noticeable in parts of Europe and Asia. Any data?

> Dan Hook <------The family name is, believe it or not, Swedish.

Is it by any chance derived from "Höök" (Hawk)?

(As for myself, I'm as far as I know 100% pure, boring swede :-)

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