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Max M (
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 10:44:30 +0100

From: Spike Jones <>

>max m, i think you said you are an advertising executive?

Yeah you could say that, but my main focus is in "new media", cd-rom, internet, strategic information design etc. A large subbranch in my field is 1 to 1 (direct) marketing which the net is made for (No I don't mean spam :-) ).

>do you get the same commercials out there in denmark? do
>you study american superbowl ads? spike

No and yes. American commercials ususally don't work here in Denmark. The target audience is very different. Some commercials are use here though, but mostly the total mainstream ones by the multinationals: Lever, Proctor & Gamble etc. Even though they are most often rerecorded with Danish actors.

We do study the US commercials but we cannot use them for much. A TV commercial is only a part of a much bigger campaign, and must be specifially designed for that campaign. They have to enhance a message and that message is decided by: what we want to tell, why we want to tell it, to whom we want to tell it and how we want to tell it. Therefore there cannot be much reuse in commercials crossing different cultures.

There is also legal issues involved in the commercials. Many things that are legal to use in US commercials are illegal in DK and vice versa.

What we do study vigirously is the american campaigns, the methods and the ideas behind them. This is interresting and can be used to great effect everywhere. There are some good books on the subject. At the time I especially like one called "Coopetition".

American culture do have a strong influence on Danish culture though, but i'll bet you that American Football will never be popular in Denmark. This was the first superbowl to be shown live in Denmark, but only because the Danish kicker Morten Andersen??? was on the side of the Falcons.

It is a strange fragmented game that stops and starts all the time. A bit like Coitus Interuptus :-)

Soccer is much more fun to watch ;-)

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