EXTRO 4: Location confirmed!

Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 11:38:42 -0800

Good news! After some shuffling and negotiating, I have confirmed a booking of conference space for EXTRO 4. We will hold the conference at U.C. Berkeley, at the Joseph Wood Crutch Theatre on the Clark Kerr campus.

Rooms are available on campus, and will cost much less than a hotel room. More details soon. It would help us if we had a better idea of how many people will want an on-campus room, since we may need to increase our reservations. If you're already sure you're coming and will want to stay on campus, please let us know.

I will soon put up a web page with continually updated information on the conference. For now, a reminder that it will happen on August 7-8 this year. Those travelling from further away will want to arrive on Friday 6th. The event will be finished by late afternoon on Sunday the 8th.

My thanks to Natasha Vita More for suggesting that we hold the conference on a campus. I think this will make a good environment, and will cost less for travellers than the usual venues.



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