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hurburgh wrote:

<excerpt> Anybody out there in extropy-land who is following R&D breakthroughs

on WWVs?

They have got to be the ultimate communications device particularly if

we can get them down to gnat-size.

Bandwidth is the obvious constraint at the moment but somewhere

between satellite LEOS (v2.001k), cels G3 and perhaps the next generation of GSM we must be getting close.

When brainstorming some possible applications I got :-

" Patch me thru to McGarret! ... Book Him Danno" & if your server is down , get a digital mugshot (the Web's Most Wanted?)

&/or the world

And for those really mega-events (perhaps the dawn of the

new-millennium somewhere near the DateLine in a Pacific paradise) a good proportion of

the populace could come close to a feeling of being part of that often

dreamt about, ultimate good-vibe of universal consciousness.

I'd love to get some dialog going on WWVs and where they may take us.





I'd like a wearable one that I could activate on demand if the authorities or some other thugs pull me over or confront me. That would presuppose an uplink to some service that would monitor and record these events for possible legal/security interaction. Thousands of Rodney Kings.

Pat Fallon



Why stop there? In theory, couldn't almost any uplink be provided given time? I mean, given the proper attention, any information can be downloaded: language translations, medical advice, electronics/technical support, or even learning supplementals. If a large effort was geared towards this, a central station might someday use some sort of broadcasting technique to give almost any kind of information to anyone at anytime, kind of like wearing the Internet.

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