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>Wearables will become popular when they can be bought for less than a
>desktop machine, provide web browsing, vr chat, personal organizing,
>video conferencing, and personal documentary. Oh, and can play music at
>high quality.... replace the walkman.

This is allready happening. Linux is happening in a big style in embedded systems right now. The worlds smallest webserver ....

A week ago I was musing to my friends about how expensive streaming media servers are right now. I figured that soon we would have them at home at our home networks, so all that we would need to watch any tv channel, or hear any radio channel or watch any of our DVD/VHS movies anywhere in the house, would be a flat screen computer. I had no idea that the first place we would get a Linux media server would be in our cars: car radio and MP3 player. Running on top of Linux

Besides I have just read about a new device, that would act as MP3 player, organizer, dictaphone, calendar etc. and it shouldn't cost a lot ($150 i think was the price)

But anyway ... the wearables are comming ...

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