Re: Junk mail and rotting web

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 00:23:06 -0500

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko wrote:

> I just received an interesting piece of junk mail with
> a suggestion of new web service - see below.

> >The Solution: Make it IMPOSSIBLE for Your Competitors
> >to View, Study or Copy Your Html Source Code that
> >Gives You the Advantage.
> >
> >How? Use the IP Number Food Script
> >
> >Click To Learn More About the IP Number Food Script:
> >
> >
> >
> >1-888-861-5361

After examining this page, which seems to me like its main market would be porno site marketers, and discussing the concepts behind it, we (myself and Jason Dahlstrom) decided that it would be just as easy to create a script that would allow their customer's competitors to bust the script and snag their 'optimized HTML file' by the competitor spoofing the IP of a search engine spider when browsing to the Food Script using website. The Food Script will only be effective so long as search engines maintain the same IP addresses. If they set up a system to rotate a large block of IP addresses from which their spiders are deployted over time, they will beat this script at its own game.

It might be useful for search engine companies to set up cooperative agreements with web servers all over the web to bounce spiders from as many IPs as possible. A two pronged approach like this would help limit the garbage infecting the search engines....

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