primative transhumans

Spike Jones (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 14:59:11 -0800

several days ago someone (who?) made the astute observation that one who uses computers might in some sense be considered the first step in the evolution of a transhuman, since ze would exend zis natural abilities by technological means.

this insightful comment can perhaps be supported by my work environment. where i work (lockheed) there are a large number of engineers with a broad spectrum of experience levels. every one has at least one computer on zis desk by mandate. some use their machines almost never, others, such as me, use them so constantly, we have given up using pens on paper. information in that form i have found practially useless because it cannot be searched and found effectively when needed. computers make great filing cabinets. {8-]

the ratio of effectiveness of an engineer who uses the computer to nonusers is increasing all the time as computers improve, and more importantly, as software improves. specifically, i refer to the scientific use of spreadsheets. engineers disdained these for a long time (secretaries and beancounters used them you see). well, we no longer have secretaries, and engineers have realized how brutally effective one can be when one gets hot with a spreadsheet such as excel. i am no fan of microsoft, however microsoft excel is the one tool that has made the biggest difference in the way engineering is done in my office. spike