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David McFadzean (david@kumo.com)
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:24:15 -0700

>Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 19:41:54 -0800
>From: Alex <aheard@wired.com>
>To: david@lucifer.com
>Subject: Alex Heard, author of Apocalypse Pretty Soon
>My name is Alex Heard; Im an editor at Wired magazine and the author of
>Apocalypse Pretty Soon, a new book about American subcultures at the
>turn of the millennium. One chapter in the book is devoted to life
>extension, cryonics, and the quest for immortality -- in it, famed
>Extropians Max and Natasha Vita More play prominently. I think people on
>your e-mail list would find it interesting, and I was hoping you could
>mention the book and my Web site. On my Web site, Ill be writing
>(throughout 1999) about news and information relating to all the topics
>I cover in the book, which also includes such far-flung topics as
>Christian prophecy, UFOs, and out-of-body travel.
>The Web address is:
>Thanks very much for your help. Feel free to write or call if you have
>any questions.
>Alex Heard
>(415) 276-4939

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