Re: U of Utah visual neurointerface

Anders Sandberg (
29 Jan 1999 18:28:03 +0100

Brent Allsop <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg <> informed:
> > (especially the visual neurointerface University of Utah is working
> > on).
> Through the years I've heard bits and pieces of information
> about this exciting work going on at the University of Utah. I'd sure
> like to get more information on this. Can you point me to some more
> information?

Not easily available right now; I haven't specifically looked for their articles even if I know about the project. At the CNS conference where I participated in a seminar on retinal implants there were a few people from Utah (including, I think, one of the authors of the paper I was refering to in my earlier post). Overall the impression (reinforced by Rolf Eckmüller's joking nagging) was that they have a hard time getting things to work - but on the other hand they have selected a very hard problem (unlike Rolf's merely hard retinal implant). I guess a medline search might turn up a lot of good stuff about it.

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