Re: subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

m (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 23:30:34 -0800 (PST)

---Aliya Belgibayeva <> wrote:

[ systemic affects of soap usage]

> Well, haven't you ever thought that your organism is a wisely
> 'constructed' structure which can adjust to many things, and that
> cleansers are no more harmful to your skin than the air that you
> in every second? (especially, since you live in an urban area,
> presumably)

Organisms (or their ancestors) have had billions of years to adapt (or even produce) the air they live in.

Synthetic detergents have appeared in the last eyeblink of evolutionary time. Perhaps we are not as able to cope with them as with stuff that was always there.
So it's not a bad idea ro check.

Speaking from experience, you *can* get ill efects (like dermatitis) from detergent. In my case it was from a spell in a shampoo factory, but there are people who have bad reactions to normal soap (eg from a chronic deficiency in skin oils).

All the same I think I'll stick with soap unless there's a very good reason not to,and I'd rather have anyone who handled food do the same.


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