Re: ECON: Advertising

Harvey Newstrom (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:53:52 -0500

> I wrote:
> >> Harvey writes:
> >> >Most of the free-thinkers on this group and in the Libertarian Party
> >> >like to blast the mainstream public for being sheep, following the
> herd,
> >> >and doing what they're told
> >> That's a far cry from the claim that commercial advocacy somehow "makes"
> >> people buy things, or creates out of thin air a desire for some product.

Be careful with your attributions. I wrote the first quote. I did not write the second quote.

> OK, but you made the statement at top in the context of advertisement and
> specifically as a response to claims of manipulation by advertisers. And
> you introduced your contribution with this:
> > >[I]t fits this lists politics to blast advertisers for
> > >creating public thought [..]
> So what were we supposed to think? Exactly what is it that you're claiming?
> Dick

I'm sorry that I did not make myself clearer. I am not agreeing with this claim about advertisers. I am disagreeing with it. By stating that "it fits this lists politics", I meant to imply that the claim was unsound, and that it was politically motivated, not scientifically based.

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