Re: HUMOR: Future Silliness

Anders Sandberg (
28 Jan 1999 14:25:35 +0100

Terry Donaghe <> writes:

> Here's a few topics I'm considering for my next bout of nonsense:
> Extropians in da hood (not going there - the title is funny enough).
> Socialist Extropianism
> If Charlie Manson was an Extropian
> Christian Coalition - Extropian Division
> The Dumb Jock Extropian
> Green Eggs and Extropianism
> Extropian Gumby (remember the Gumbies from Month Python?)
> Entropianism (our arch-enemies!)
> The Existentialist Extropian (that sounds cool too, huh?)
> Extropy Poetry Corner
> Unfrozen Caveman Extropian
> An Extropian Goes to Heaven (or Hell).
> That's all I can think of now... Any other suggestions? Vote for your
> favorite!

Wonderful. We definitely need more like this!

(and songs! Extropian drinking songs for when we drink our CR smart drinks loaded with caffeine :-)

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