Re: Intelligence, IE, and SI - Part 1
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:28:11 -0800

Skye Howard, <>, writes:
> I was thinking about your example of an individual who had acces to a
> computer. I think that quite possibly such an individual might be
> considered a primitive future human... you know what I mean? Is
> anybody else thinking similar thoughts? I mean, a computer being a
> primitive neural extension, and a keyboard or mouse or whatever a
> primitive neural connection, could it not be that one's
> IQ-plus-computer or IQ-plus-net could be considered a measure of your
> intelligence as an advanced individual? It may be really silly,
> but.....
> it's a thought.

It would be interesting to see an "IQ-plus" test designed specifically for this kind of system. A few years ago, when I first got on the net, they used to have internet search contests. They would post a series of questions, and contestants would use the then-primitive search engines to seek out answers. This was pre-web, back when gopher was the protocol for linking information, and it was a lot harder to find things.

Do they still do this? It seems to me that skill at finding things on the net is the single most useful thing we could teach young people in terms of "computer literacy".