Re: ECON: Advertising
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 09:03:53 -0700

I wrote:
>> Harvey writes:
>> >Most of the free-thinkers on this group and in the Libertarian Party
>> >like to blast the mainstream public for being sheep, following the
>> >and doing what they're told

>> That's a far cry from the claim that commercial advocacy somehow "makes"
>> people buy things, or creates out of thin air a desire for some product.

Harvey returns:
>You are confusing my claim (first above) with someone else's claim
>(second above). My claim is true. The other claim is bogus. They are
>indeed far apart.

OK, but you made the statement at top in the context of advertisement and specifically as a response to claims of manipulation by advertisers. And you introduced your contribution with this:

> >[I]t fits this lists politics to blast advertisers for
> >creating public thought [..]

So what were we supposed to think? Exactly what is it that you're claiming?