Re: ECON: Advertising

Spike Jones (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 22:13:48 -0800

Max M wrote:

> From: Lee Daniel Crocker < (none)>
> >because DeBeers told them to in its advertising decades ago
> Well. The result of any good advertising push can be meassured and tested
> scientifically. It is true that we in the advertising industry don't know
> yet exactly what makes a campaign work. But we are shurely not entirely
> clueless. Advertising works! Period.

it will be interesting to see how camel cigarettes sell in the coming years. court mandated to lose the joe camel images, they now have some of the lamest advertising i have *ever* seen for *any* product. if advertising has any impact at all, here is a case with both extremes: very good followed by very bad.

max m, are those of you in the ad industry studying this case? spike