Re: subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

david gobel (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:42:09 -0800

Further to my earlier question about very subtle long term exposures/effects of seemingly innocuous commonplace stuff:

I have been taking Nicotinic Acid to promote microvascular dilation and peripheral blood flow among other benefits. One of the side effect of this nutrient is that it triggers a histimine reaction resulting in red flushing of the skin, along with sometimes intense itching.

Two days ago I had taken 250mg, and while the flush was proceeding, I removed my clothes (in privacy) and looked in a full length mirror. I was surprised to find that the flush region was stopped cold just at the boundary where the elastic in my underwear had been. Beet red above...normal pink etc below. In all my dreams, I never would have predicted that the elastic in my underwear could have acted as a body dam "choking off" the flushing.

So, what else might it, and belts, and girdles and bras etc be choking off, and are there any studies that even attempt to investigate the effects of such constrictions which folks consider to be normal.