Re: tech: Tech/news: Hand transplant

Jennifer Ann Petersen (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 06:49:58 -0500

I'd be willing to bet the doctors who are concerned have all their body parts. Besides, cut off their dominant hand and see how fast they would stop calling a hand 'non-essential'.

I don't see anything about _why_ they feel it is more ethical to transplant a heart compared to a hand. Why its more ethical to bury a hand and let it rot than give it someone who needs one.

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>So these people will tell you that it's OK to remain quadriplegic, because
>the alternative will challenge their ethical prejudices, even if the parts
>available, and you are ready to pay for the procedure? Somebody should
>start tearing their non-essential body parts off - maybe it'll help these
>people change their [non-essential] minds...