Re: Tech/news: Hand transplant

Anders Sandberg (
26 Jan 1999 11:48:13 +0100 writes:

> Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko [] wrote:
> >LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (CNN) -- A team of surgeons has performed
> >the first hand transplant in the United States, attaching a donor hand,
> >wrist and portion of a forearm to a 37-year-old man.
> Meanwhile, banks and other security-conscious organisations are heading
> towards using hand-prints for ID. Is it just me, or are they totally
> clue-deficient? I really don't want my hand stolen along with my ATM card
> if I get mugged in five years time.

Somehow I think you will have the time to report the theft (or your sudden absence noticed) long before the recipient can use it in an ATM. Remember, surgery takes long time to heal.

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