Re: Govt tests on civilians LEGAL!

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:30:52 -0500

At 12:54 PM 1/25/99 -0200, Rafael Kaufmann wrote:

>> U.S. Code 50 (Chapter 32, Section 1520(b)1)) states
>> that the Department of Defence MAY "conduct any test
>> or experiment involving the use of any chemical or
>> biological agent on civilian populations" only if the
>> DoD notifies "local civilian officials" 30 days before
>> testing chemical or biological agents on U.S. civilians.
>All I can say is... thank God I don't live in the US, eh? <evil grin>

IAN: That tells us how far this country has come, from the place all people dreamed to be, to place people are now happy to have avoided. I think the "fun" in the US is only beginning!

>Seriously... this is what we get from allowing ourselves to be governed.
>It just goes to show you how impressively easy it is for the Congress to
>sneak all sorts of laws (many of them possibly unconstitutional) past
>the people's collective back. When such a select group of people are
>given this kind of power, it's an obvious sign that something is very wrong.
>I say it's time for a worldwide bloody revolution.

IAN: That may be why there's talk of a worldwide gun control on all civilian populations. Guinea pigs with guns could get messy! Global gun control:

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