Re: Govt Tests on Civilians LEGAL!

J. R. Molloy (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:32:08 -0800

Hi Ian,

You wrote,

>This law was added to the U.S. Code in 1996. Why would
>federal law define a right for the DoD to "conduct any
>test or experiment involving the use of any chemical
>or biological agent on civilian populations" (granted
>a few officials know) if no such tests and experiments
>were planned? It stands to reason that they are planned!
>Is this connected to reports of sickening USAF-jet-spray?

The feds and the DOD consider themselves the world's real people and the civilization that the rest of us must work, pay taxes, and die to serve, provide, and protect. IOW, the feds and the DOD (and their families) see everyone else as expendable accomplices or outright adversaries. Ever has humanity organized itself so.

We "civilian populations" don't count for much in the great scheme of the political power broker's paradigm. Realizing this, we turn to each other to reaffirm our own worth. In doing so, we infrequently identify one of surpassing merit, such as an enlightened master, who places most value not on Machievellian machinations, but rather on liberating meditations.

"Civilian officials" (whatever that means) probably identify more with officialdom than with civility. It makes me happy to see that you've noticed the corruption raging through governments. No doubt you've heard that "power corrupts". It does not. Corrupt people seek power.

Inevitably, governments (like crimes, poverty-stricken classes, and gang wars) emerge from the social organization of human affairs. IMO, the human race will learn to transcend government, while retaining the benefits of social interaction (as on the Net) or it will commit global suicide.


J. R. Molloy
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