Re: Govt Tests on Civilians LEGAL!

Terry Donaghe (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 05:20:49 -0800 (PST)

---Ian Goddard <> wrote:
> U.S. Code 50 (Chapter 32, Section 1520(b)1)) states
> that the Department of Defence MAY "conduct any test
> or experiment involving the use of any chemical or
> biological agent on civilian populations" only if the
> DoD notifies "local civilian officials" 30 days before
> testing chemical or biological agents on U.S. civilians.
> So you have the right to have some "civilian officials"
> notified before you're used in bio-war experiments.
> So we all have the legal right to be a Guinea pig
> without knowing, so long as some officials know.
> Read this law at the Cornell University library:
> This law was added to the U.S. Code in 1996. Why would
> federal law define a right for the DoD to "conduct any
> test or experiment involving the use of any chemical
> or biological agent on civilian populations" (granted
> a few officials know) if no such tests and experiments
> were planned? It stands to reason that they are planned!
> Is this connected to reports of sickening USAF-jet-spray?
> USAF Jets Said To Be Spraying Something That Sickens:

Are you implying that this should be shocking or unheard of? Our government steals our earnings and gives them to their block-voting lackies. Our government is currently attempting to completly disarm the entire civilian population of the country. Our government is currently waging a "War on Drugs" to fight the black market that it has created and subsidizes! In this "War on Drugs" our government targets sick people that use Marijuana simply as a medicine (go to the LP site to find out about the Kubby arrests). Our government wants hundreds of billions of dollars for increased military spending when we don't have any enemies. Our government constantly interferes in the business of other countries, causing terrorist activities against us.

Our government obviously cares little for it's civilian population outside of it's potential to bring in the tax money. So what if a couple ten thousand die to chemical or biological experimentation? Just make sure that they're not Union members or minorities.

Certainly no one on this list could be shocked. I'm just surprised that the looters actually publish the law that makes it "legal."

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