Re: Questions

Gina Miller (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 04:18:22 PST

My fear is this, that if we are brought back. I may end up in the likeness of a clone. If neurons are damaged beyond repairs, quickly after death. Then, the memories are gone, correct? So even upon retrieval, I'm a copy without knowledge of who I was. In a sense, I'll still be dead. After every thing I've had to learn this life go round, I don't want it all lost. There must be an alternative. And also how do you see the future cryonics organizations doing this, if we've only paid for our frozen state?

You said:
>If all goes well the cryonics organizations will (for example)
>wait until the technology to revive people (nanotech + AI,
>probably) is cheap enough to buy and use on their patients. It
>could be bought using the same funds which would now be used
>for, say, new perfusion equipment or LN2 tanks. As you sign up,
>it's for the whole trip, not just storage. Of course, money
>itself may be obsolete by then and the Singularity may be upon
>us and all that. It should be possible to "reconstruct" someone in such
a way thats/he fits the (subjective) image that others have of this person, but this is of course of little use to the original.

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