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> > You now have to hope that you can acquire competent
> > nanotech and implement your plan after it's invented but before the
> > catastrophe. Do you have a strategy for that?
> Working on kinda depends on the time frame..

Yes, absolutely, but the only safe option is IMO to build a spacecraft with Mars range *before* "practical" nanotech has been developed. After all, nanotech might make the ship's construction much easier, cheaper and better, but designing and building a viable spacecraft with nanotech is (one would think) a lot more difficult than using it to make lots of nukes or other weapons. There might be (nano)wars all over the place with your design still on the drawing board, so to speak.

While traveling to Mars, nanotech/ AI/uploading research would of course continue onboard (the most tricky "hands on" work would have to be done in isolated compartments towed by the main vessel, with a nuke close at hand just for good measure -- if something goes wrong you cut the cable and "bang". Maybe you don't even need the nuke, just cutting the (long) cable will probably do).

The crew could be composed of people who helped to finance or otherwise support the project plus a selection of top scientists in various fields, probably no more than approx. 200 people or so in total, perhaps more if some form hibernation/reversible cryonics is operational by then. Also a load of "traditionally" frozen folks ("economy class" ;) could also be taken on board. Neuros don't take up too much space, after all, and cryogenic cooling is free out there.

Noah's Ark with a transhuman twist (minus the animals, obviously. Just some gene samples would do). Of course, this scenario assumes that SI doesn't come first, and/or (very) soon.