Re: The "Group-Entity" Illusion

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 01:55:01 -0500

At 09:17 PM 1/20/99 -0700, Freespeak wrote:

>I'm very interested in your idea that "the social entity...
>communicates with itself." Please tell me more. Have you written
>an article or paper on this?

IAN: No. As I see it, central planners don't work since the planning that directs the prices and the allocation of all resources requires a mind too large for any planner or even group of planners to comprehend. It requires too much brain power for anyone to compute. It requires the mass-mind of the collective entity that is "the market." The invisible hand is the invisible planner.

I like "invisible" since it runs the fine line between what we're both saying, it is yet isn't!

>I'd like to add a section on this to #TL05AB: ANTHROPOMORPHISM
>I'll properly attribute your contribution to you, or attribute
>it to "anonymous," if you prefer.

IAN: Thanks! I'll put it on my agenda.

>(I'll also be adding a reference to "Cloud Veil Theory"

IAN: A similar line of reasoning that says a group entity is an illusion is found the Buddhist view that the mind (a group entity) is an illusion, and thus seeing a self in the mind is like seeing phantoms in the clouds, which I believe to be a truthful analysis.

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