Re: 7th day adventists and life extension

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Wed, 20 Jan 1999 19:38:33 -0500

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I just don't trust the Medical Professions use of blood. They get this stuff for free (in most cases) then charge a lot of money for the procedure. I think that there are as many unnecessary complications caused by transfusions as there are lives 'saved' wrote:

> Eddie Sullivan writes:
> >I survived being struck by an automobile as a pedestrian, and refused a
> >blood transfusion. I lost about 4/5ths of the blood in my body and
> >recovered.
> Geez, is this list being infiltrated by Watchtower agents? <g> (Just
> joking!)
> You are obviously a very lucky man, Eddie. Others haven't been so lucky,
> unfortunately.
> Dick

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