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I survived being struck by an automobile as a pedestrian, and refused a blood transfusion. I lost about 4/5ths of the blood in my body and recovered.

Randall Randall wrote:

> It's been rumored that on Wed, 20 Jan 1999, David A. Kekich wrote:
> >My mother was a Jehova Witness. That is, until she died last March,
> >because she refused a transfusion. The doctors unamamously agreed 4
> >units of blood would have saved her. Her "brothers" and "sisters" hung
> >around the hospital like a pack of vultures, making sure she wouldn't
> >get blood. It was her wish, and we wouldn't violate it, but her
> >mysticism finally killed her after suffering for 3 weeks in ICU.
> The man *just said* he didn't want flames. :( Come on.
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