Re: ECON: The Affluent Society

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:10:35 -0500

Brian D Williams wrote:

> Sound wisdom, this would make a good political platform.
> Actually there is an inexpensive medical plan
> 1) eat healthier
> 2) exercise regularly
> 3) take vitamins/antioxidents
> 4) get more sleep
> 5) learn to relax
> 6) drink large amounts on unclorinated water

I take it that you are using a good water filtering system?

> I've always thought if T.V.'s were powered only by stationary
> bikes/treadmills we would cut medical expenses by 2/3's.

Or computers. However, what would be the productivity losses? I'm sure with the tv example, the amount per day watched would go down significantly. How about this: Have a biometric unit attached to the system. Hook yourself up and let the computer decide how much exercise you need. Once you have completed that amount on the treadmill or bike, the tv will operate for 24 hours. Of course, if there are multiple occupants in the household, you would need to keep the tv in a separate, retina scanned entry room so that only those who have exercised can watch....

Mike Lorrey