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>Paltry? I thought it was 7% of US GDP. Foreign aid is 0.3% or so
>I thought.

Americans give more than any other nation in the world, I'm in favor of cutting foreign aid, stand on your own two feet.

>But in the rest of the world, we're used to seeing America
>spend money on weapons and suppressing democracy to ensure raw
>materials flow to them. The Australian government imitates yours.
>They let millions starve while they debate Seinfeld and patent
>life and information.

Tell that to Kuwait.

>Non-American extropians and Tekno-anarko-socialists like myself
>look forward to a world without money. Resource allocation is a
>different matter. Money, like nation states, will be for

Never happen, call me a romantic.

>As far as it goes, currently, I want to vote for my UN
>representative, one vote one person, and I would recommend to him
>that America be requested to strip itself of its outrageous
>offensive capabilities. After all, they break their own rules,
>they're not democrats, and they have forgotten San Francisco and

Go ahead and vote, request denied. We're a republic, and what happened in San Francisco in 1969?

>Luckily nanotechnology will distribute itself. Judging from the
>track record, America cannot be trusted to behave ethically. After
>all, they sanction judicial murder,

There is no such thing as judicial murder, if you are referring to the death penalty, it is perfectly legal. Explain the ethics part.

>are quite happy to have one sixth of their population living in
>absolute poverty and do nothing for blacks except produce more

Nobody's happy about anyone living in poverty.

What should we be doing for African Americans? Half my data center is black, they will tell you why those in the projects (at least they have the projects) are there, but you wouldn't like the answer.

In New York, guns are legal, but they started putting criminals in jail, and the crime/murder rate plunged. In Chicago, and Washington D.C, guns are banned, and they are soft on criminals, number 1 and 2 murder rates respectively.

>The top 20% of America's population have 80% of their wealth, in
>fact it is a far smaller percentage at the very top who retain
>most wealth, most of which is untaxed. Worldwide the top several
>hundred billionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of the
>world's population.

This percentage is higher in almost any other country you can name.

>What do they use it for? Not medical research. If extropians are
>waiting for Bill Gates to invest half his money in lifespan
>extension, they shouldn't hold their breath. Rupert Murdoch
>will try to patent it first.

If I was Bill, I'd use it for life extension, if you don't want Bill to have money, don't buy Microsoft products.

>So how much do American extropians think Geron Corp. will charge
>for telomere therapy? How much is an extra twenty to thirty years

If telomere therapy works, it will be worth paying for.

>Perhaps the American government could manufacture it and
>distribute it to other countries by population. That's what I
>would do.

The American Government doesn't own it. Why not try developing telomere therapy on your own, then YOU can give it away.

good ideas: 0%
America bashing: 100%

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