Re: ECON: The Affluent Society

Brian D Williams (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 08:25:08 -0800 (PST)

From: "Billy Brown" <>

>I recommend Charles Murray's "Loosing Ground" if you are
>interested in the details. Based on past experience, however, we
>can safely say that:

>1) If you have a program that provides anyone who signs up with
>food, clothing and a place to live, at least 10% of the population
>will end up living on it.

>2) If such a program exists, there will be a constant pressure to
>increase the benefits and remove any restrictions on who can

>3) There is no such thing as cheap, basic medical care. If you
>want government medical care, even for a minority of the
>population, you face a very unpleasant choice. You can either
>tell people they are going to die because you won't pay for a
>treatment that would save them, or you design a program that will
>bankrupt the public treasury.

Sound wisdom, this would make a good political platform.

Actually there is an inexpensive medical plan

  1. eat healthier
  2. exercise regularly
  3. take vitamins/antioxidents
  4. get more sleep
  5. learn to relax
  6. drink large amounts on unclorinated water

I've always thought if T.V.'s were powered only by stationary bikes/treadmills we would cut medical expenses by 2/3's.

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