workable abm system

Spike Jones (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 22:47:57 -0800

> ... by '87 all of the major systems proposed at that point had been built as
> prototypes and tested either on the ground or in space. All that was lacking
> was a sufficiently powerful computer system to manage the whole shebang.
> Here's what had been tested...
> ...
> High Exoatmospheric kill vehicles (ground launched)...

> ...that,"the dispute is no longer scientific".

ok mike, however: the high exo kv that i think you are referring to is the eris system, and yes, that was tested. that system had a deployable umbrella that increased its cross section. the theoretical models at the time predicted less than a 50-50 chance of a hit on the target reentry body. they fired anyway, direct hit, pop the corks, quickly pack everything up and go away. {8^D to this day i suspect luck was a big player in that event.

our current system under development, thaad, is 0 for 5. {8-[ the next test is coming up very soon. so, altho the dispute is highly political, there is a lotta difficult science yet to be solved in making a nonexplosive kill vehicle collide with a hypersonic target out in the thin air... spike