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Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:11:50 PST

Do you have your own web page?
I personaly enjoy nanotech fantasies that involve things like: my own planet. Others could also participate, everyone who has the likeness to entertain a specific planet holding a specific scheme, or theme. On lue of the fact that creating a planet that is adjusted to one particular mood, it would be "realistic" to include others with a mutal perspective. All those interested could retreat to the planet, and leave on a whim to another. There might be something like a criminal planet, a spiritual planet, or a life in the fast lane planet. Get it? These are the kind of, far reaching but I believe potentially attainable nanotech dreams I realize.
P.S. Is there a web page regarding the party?

You said:
the Far Edge Party in a mere 200,000 years

>Of all things I can think of doing, flying has got to the most blissful
and joyful. So I will probably maximize my oppurtunities for doing that in the future.
>And yes! I imagine I'll definitly try on my human form from time to
time - nostalgia sometimes gets the best of me! :-)

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