Re: life extension vs. natural law

Chris Wolcomb (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 03:59:51 -0000

I said:

Hope I can prove you wrong, by having this consveration with you at the Far Edge Party in a mere 200,000 years. By then, I'll probably have gotten bored with the human form, and gone on to something more capable of flight. :-)

Gina said:

Is this a predesignated party, or hypathetical? His is this new form you dream of concieved in form? Just curiouse, besides, one could always revert back to the primitive and human shape we originated in ,couldn't we!

My response:

Its a celebratory party first conceived by Kith Henson, the founder of the L5 Space Society. His idea, is that as we expand out into space, it would be much more economical and efficient if we xeroxed oursleves into multiplle copies to explore the galaxy in parallel. After a couple of hundred thousand years all of our copies and everyone elses copies could hook up at the other end of the Galaxy to celebrate our multiple interpenetrating lives thus far.

Of all things I can think of doing, flying has got to the most blissful and joyful. So I will probably maximize my oppurtunities for doing that in the future.

And yes! I imagine I'll definitly try on my human form from time to time - nostalgia sometimes gets the best of me! :-)


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