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>At 11:37 01/19/99 , Anders wrote:
>>Yes, this is a problem. However, one might bootstrap by looking at
>>historical transhumanism, like the thread from Bacon, the
>>Enlightenment, Haldane, Bernal, Stapledon, FM 2020 and so on. But we
>>really need more papers... (writing, writing, writing)
>Would you suggest a list of topics that need to be covered?
>It doesn't seem necessary that each of the papers is written or
>delivered by an established faculty or celebrity. Some of the
>material touched by them will transfer the legitimacy and PR to others.
>Should we try to figure out what a[n online?] >H course may look like,
>and what exactly is needed to make it happen?
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Here's a few fairly obvious and not well thought out suggestions.

Introduction to Transhumanism

  1. Philosophical and Historical Foundations
  2. Transhumanistic and Extropian Principles

Transhumanism II

  1. A more focused exploration of Transhumanism and Extropy

Seminar: Nanotechnology

  1. Drexler's books
  2. Recent Nanotech Advances

Seminar: Applied Life Extension Studies

  1. Strategic Nutrition
  2. Strategic Exercise
  3. Recent Biomedical Advances

Seminar: Issues in Cryonics

  1. The History of Cryonics - Ettinger et al.
  2. Technological Hurdles and Advances
  3. Questions and Concerns
  4. Halperin's book

Transhumanist Art

Seminar: The Singularity

  1. Vinge's Original Concept
  2. Uploading
  3. Artificial Inelligence
  4. Post-Human Implications

Selected Readings in Extropian Science Fiction

  1. Egan
  2. Vinge
  3. Heinlein
  4. Brin

Economic Aspects of Transhumanism

Political Aspects of Transhumanism

I know I would have taken some of these as electives in college. Of course I was on the 6 year baccalaureate plan. :-)