Re: The new Golden Rule

Scott Badger (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 17:17:06 -0600

>>>David Gobel suggests:
>>>"Do unto others the way they want, if not harmful to them or others."

To which I replied:

>>There are obvious "holes" in this one too. Harmful in whose opinion?
>>I don't want Jehovah's witness' bothering me, but they believe it is
>>harmful to me for them not to try to convert me.

and David came back:

>I said in my earlier post that it REQUIRES knowledge of the person.
>Perhaps the reason the Golden Rule was promulgated in its original
>form was to take account of the fact that we can only know a very few
>people intimately well-thus, appealing to an interior world-view as a
>surrogate for the unknown party's humanity would provide the only
>available template of likely beneficial behavior...never thought about this
>By the way, in an incredibly bizzarre coincidence, I happen to be a
>Witness. Weird huh? So, in the spirit of my rule, I promise to not bother
>you henceforth.

Wow, that IS weird! But not so fast!

If *Extropian* Jehovah's Witness' knocked on my door, I'd have to invite em in, and they wouldn't get away until they'd explained to me how they reconciled their Extropic and Religious beliefs. What a fun way to while away the afternoon. ;-)

Scott Badger