Re: School of >H Studies, was:Papers vs. Email & Books

Anders Sandberg (
19 Jan 1999 17:37:18 +0100

Robin Hanson <> writes:

> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >Better yet, why has there not been an establishment of formal classes in
> >transhuman studies over the internet? I would love to participate in such
> >courses, but I think it would be up to established faculty like Robin Hanson,
> >Max More, Alex Chislenko, and others to create such a curriculum.
> Actually none of these three are established faculty. For that, consider
> Moravec or Tipler. I think the thing most limiting me from creating a class
> on this subject is a good set of papers to assign as reading.

Yes, this is a problem. However, one might bootstrap by looking at historical transhumanism, like the thread from Bacon, the Enlightenment, Haldane, Bernal, Stapledon, FM 2020 and so on. But we really need more papers... (writing, writing, writing)

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