Re: Extropy and Rednecks

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:38:02 -0500 wrote:

> Justin Jones writes;
> >I was considering being a libertarian, but at the only 2 libertarian party
> >meetings I've ever attended they were discussing who really owned the
> >"secret gummit black army helicopters" So that kinda made me think that's
> >where all the anti-government conspiracy theorists went.
> Geez, if this is your experience, I can understand your disenchantment with
> the LP. The local party seems a bit out of touch. I can assure you that the
> real LP has better topics to discuss. Have you read a good book about
> libertarianism? I'd hate to see your perception of the movement skewed by a
> bunch of oddballs. (Not that they're necessarily wrong about the black
> 'copters.)

Yes, I much prefer meetings which have topics very similar to much of the discussion on this list. Libertarians tend to be very technologically oriented, in my experience. The Black Helo phonomenon is documented, and the few times people were able to find ID numbers on them, the numbers wound up belonging to helicopter owners on the other side of the country who still had the numbers on their own birds there, so there is some sort of fraud going on there. The reason why everyone thinks they are government is because the personnel associated with them sport paramilitary SWAT type uniforms and treat people like they are conducting official military business. Because there is no way to identify the units involved, accountability for this is very low.

There is some evidence that they are actually employees of a company called EG&G, which is also known to be the security contractor to the DOE and the Air Force for Area 51, which is why everyone in the paranoid community is convinced that its all the 'big UFO coverup'. Frankly, at this point, anything the mainstream media AND the government scoffs at, I would prefer to take a closer look at before I dismissed it.

My personal opinion is that they are members of or work with Seal Team Six, a unit whose primary covert mission is to limit the proliferation of nuclear technology by direct covert action.

Mike Lorrey