Re: Ayn Rand on Society -- WRONG!

James Daugherty (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 07:29:24 -0500

>Right, notice the wording: "no such entity". She was reminding us that
>society has no independent, concrete existence, contrary to the hoary
>fashion of reifying, and ultimately deifying, the idea. Encouraging our
>tendency to "thingize" groups, particularly "society", "community",
>"government" and so forth, has allowed the power freaks to get away with
>murder (literally, in many cases). They know that most people won't take
>the trouble to examine the fallacies to which we're prone.


Unfortunately, Ayn Rand was wrong. Collectives are real! Memes create social organisms just as genes create regular biological organisms. One could just a well say that the human body doesn't exist! Really, the human body is a group of individual cells, albeit co-operating in complex ways. Nonsense! Collectives and human bodies do exist......fortunately, with self-awareness, one does not have to be part of a collective.

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