Re: A couple of ideas
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 22:31:14 EST

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> Hi!

> I'd like to know your opinion about a couple of ideas I had. If you have
> already mentioned them before, I'm sorry.
> I've been thinking that in a not so far away future humanity will be ruled
> by a small number of men, computers or hybrids of both. The argument is
> that economical power is becoming more concentrated as time goes by, when
> the technology to control humans -- either by brain implants, highly
> developed subliminal messages or military force -- arrives, someone is
> bound to use it. We had Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander and many more;
> why shouldn't Bill Gates use this to control humankind. Most politicians
> are power fanatics that will individually control humankind if they're
> given the technology.

Sorry..I strongly disagree..

I disagree that economical power is becoming more concentrated...rather the opposite is true. Evidence the stockmarket(s)....and the wide dispersal of stock ownership.

With the emergence of the global economy the military becomes less important since trade is more advantageous to governments than conquest. Also the same global economy tends to break down governments.

"Power to the People" is becoming a reality. For example. I have more transportation power than did columbus and more computing power than did the British Empire or pre world war one (perhaps world war two?) and easily more "mayhem" power than a roman legion (various undisclosed firearms)..better communications capabilities than the pony express and better medical access than Florence Nightingale.and with the "pornographer to the president"..why French Post cards are blase..

You get the idea...

The individual is getting more powerful...not less.