Re: >H Extropian projects and popularity - call for action.

Forrest Bishop (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:50:55 -0800

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko wrote:

> Transhuman Mailing List
> In many of the non-profit projects that I get involved in, there
> arise typical problems - coming, I guess, from some common features:


> The crucial thing I think is visibility, from the very beginning.
> You want to find people who would help you do the work, criticize
> your approach, donate money, test the results, etc.


> We can also create a Frontier Projects web page.
> This page would list a number of good projects, describing for each
> the goal, the approach, contact info, and call for participation.

I am instigating a privately funded study for industrializing andcolonizing Mars using near-term technology and financing. The proposal relies heavily on forward-deployed robotics, early native resource development, private launch vehicles and one-way tickets. We need some marketing, law, finance and technical assistance. If this gets going within a couple months, I may include a very short segment on it in episode 2 of our television series.


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