Re: Singularity: Just Say No!

Chris Wolcomb (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 07:16:22 -0000

I wrote:

>> As an extropian, I want to shape my future around my desires. Any force
>> which attempts to curb my desires we'll be met with the strongest resistance
>> possible.

EvMick Wrote:

>I'm in "favor" of the singularity as I understand it., because.
> a. It's inevitable.
> b. It's going to harm my enemies.

With some trepidation in his voice, Chris asks the great prophetic EvMick, "Who might those enemies be?". Awaiting EvMick's answer, Chris anticipates the prophet EvMick's response. Chris thinks to himself, "Is Evmick's enemies people, and if so, is he some kind of mad prophet, or is EvMick of the more high brow holy men, with his enemies being the more abstract concepts of entropy, death and stupidity?".

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