Re: Singularity: Just Say No!

Chris Wolcomb (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 08:22:47 -0000


Rather than re-post your thoughtful comments, I'll just respond by saying that you are refreshing as cool lemon aid on a hot dry day. Thanks. :-)

Your right about the tryanny of today to stop the tyranny of tommorow. I was using it in jest; perhaps to stir up things a bit more than a rational excursion into libertarian principles - which I otherwise adhere too. I'm a rather mellow fellow myself, but my exposure to the 'S'ingularity so far leaves much to be desired. I'm over-prone to stay in lurk mode on lists I find appealing (like this one!) - but I had to speak my mind. One last thing before I retire for the eveneing:

The Future is up for grabs people! Nothing is written in Stone. It would be very refreshing, to echo Anders sentiments, to see some rational, pro-active descriptives and strategies for evolving into somehting other than a borganism.

Happy Dreams.


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