post-Escalation worlds: 5 minute speculations: fun city

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Sat, 16 Jan 1999 16:26:42 +1100

My very rough estimate of the number of post-Escalation worlds (as opposed to preborn worlds, i.e. ones where evolution has not yet become fully self-directed) is one third of all worlds with life, i.e. quite a lot, though finite in this universe.

PS Evolutionary charts regarding human population: a: why do human population charts stop with arbitrary cultural definitions of species beginnings? Though interbreeding may not be possible, real population charts would include 3-d branches and total numbers. Otherwise, rational comparisons are not possible. Also, note existing population charts and growth match the Escalation aka Singularity, Spike, and numbers for domestic animals and computers trail after us.

b: have any Gaian theorists done any estimations for the total number of living organisms that have existed on Earth including unicellular life and viruses?

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