Re: Game of Life with mutations and noise?

Gina Miller (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:28:03 PST

What's the ALIFE web address?
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 22:43:34 +0100
>From: Eugene Leitl <>
> (Extropian mailing list)
>Subject: Game of Life with mutations and noise?
>Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko writes:
> > Does anybody know of any implementations of the game of Life
> > that introduce mutations, diseases, noise, colored cells, etc.?
>Mutations and noise, that seems to be indistinguishable. Can't parse
>diseases. Colored cells seem to mean states richer than boolean.
>Such things have indeed been investigated, albeit not under the label
>'Life'. You might want peruse the cellular automata bibliography on
>Santa Fe's ALife server. The literature is quite huge, though somewhat
>difficult to obtain.
> > It seems that with a few additional rules one can
> > develop evolving / fault-tolerant cellular automata,
> > and do lots of other interesting things, such as researching
> > attractors in automata state space and preparing for
>Searches though state and rule space are not exactly unprecendented,
>albeit the scope has been very limited. This is a question of
>hardware, and time effort. The code is simply enough to write.
> > nanotechnology that would produce physical automata
> > subjected to noise.
>Using cellular automata implemented in hardware for computation
>purposes have been suggested for more than a decade, by many
>people ('gene included). The concept keeps popping up frequent
>enough, but still not enough for the mainstream to perceive it.
> > But maybe, these things have already been done?
> >
> > If not, is anybody interested in collaboration?
>Yes, but give me a couple of months.

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