Re: Arguments from Nonexistence. Was: Extropians and animal

Ralph Lewis (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 16:35:24 -0800

this is interesting... any comments on the thought experiment below

If a space ship arrived at earth and the occupants were humanoid. Lets say they were biologically humans, perhaps better. They all looked like Playboy centerfold models and Chippendale dancers. Well, why not if they had extropinan technology? Wouldn't you try a little self improvement if the technology was easily available? Would these visitors have any human rights? Or could they be placed into slavery under the current human rights law?

but by all international norms, a human being must
>> be a
>> >citizen of either a country or a visitor from a UN Human Rights Treaty
>> signatory
>> >country, or from a country has diplomatic relations with the country we are
>> >talking about to be considered to have rights.
>> So now rights have to be conferred by the UN or by a country???? Aren't you
>> supposed to be a libertarian?

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