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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:50:17 -0800 (PST) wrote:

> Distinctions between governments and mutual agreements go by the
> if we assume that everyone involved voluntarily agreed to live by the
> rules of their society. Newborn children are a sticky issue with this
> approach, since they are born into society without agreeing to
> Generally you can consider that while minors they are bound to obey
> their parents, and then when older they have a choice between
> the rules of society or leaving.
> This would work best in a system where emigration was possible, such
> the space station (not space ship) I was proposing, where the
> is that other space stations with different rules would exist, or of
> course on a planet where different countries existed with varying
> We have even discussed the possibility of people choosing their rules
> on an individual basis, rather than on where they live, although that
> gets pretty complicated.
> The lady who made something and then wanted to keep it is violating
> the rules that she herself agreed to (assuming that private ownership
> was not allowed in their society). This is unfortunate for her, but
> that is the price we pay for saying that people own their own lives.
> They have to be able to bind themselves to rules.
> Hal
I don't much have a problem with people advocating a kind of noncoercive socialism, though I honestly don't believe such a society would last very long - especially not if it was very large. We can talk all we like about space stations and voluntary governments, but those don't exist. 99% of people who advocate socialism advocate statist socialism which is an advocation of force against peaceful citizens.
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