Re:Socialism and Force(Was Extropy and Rednecks)

Terry Donaghe (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:01:59 -0800 (PST) wrote:
> Terry Donaghe, <>, writes:
> > I disagree. It is easy to be a scientist and a socialist, but it is
> > not possible to be an extropian and socialist. Some may disagree
> > read the principles that Max has written. Advocating the use of
> > against peaceful citizens has no place in extropianism.
> But does socialism inherently involve advocating the use of force?
> it be organized on a voluntary basis?
> Consider: a group of socialists gets together and builds themselves a
> space station. They agree that the property will be the common
> of the group, with specified procedures for group decisions. This is
> analogous to how a corporation works. The whole thing is organized
> voluntarily, and all the means of production are controlled by their
> society. Where is the force?
> Hal
Good point, but I was referring to governments. In the case of the spaceship we may not be talking about a government. What if someone on the ship worked really hard to create something *really* valuable and then decided not to share it with her crewmates. Since she's confined to a spaceship, her association with her crewmates is no longer voluntary. Would they have to resort to force to make her share her creation or would the socialist commune partially dissolve?

My point is that socialist governments must by their very nature use force against peaceful citizens to make them participate. Those who advocate socialist governments are therefore advocating the use of violence. Unless the association with the group is voluntary, force is required.

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