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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:47:23 -0500

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Greetings merry extropians. Thank you for the scoop on the CNN and Time stories, as well as the many other great tips that I have gleaned from this list. You are a all a big part of my life.

I hope you don't mind my lurking too much. I'm a poor grad student, and time is limited. Plus, I'm not sure that I fit in entirely, so I lurk and benefit from your clearly brilliant intelligence. Here are a few key points, which you may address, if you like.

  1. I'm not hot on the idea of cryonics. ;-}
  2. Based on my own subjective experiences, I am entirely convinced that consciousness is non-temporal.
  3. Cryonics is, at best, a last resort.
  4. I'm not a strict atheist, in fact, I'm a devout mormon.
  5. The mormon "god" is like a successful extropian.
  6. I'm not a strict libertarian. You could say that I am an extremely liberal, left-wing, libertarian.
  7. Bring on the national ID cards.
  8. Send welfare mothers back to school.
  9. National enterprise is glorious.
  10. Environmentalism is good.
  11. Entropy is part of the life process.
  12. We would not exist w/o certain entropy driven processes.

Get the idea? Despitely these points, which most of you I think would disagree with, we are probably in complete agreement on most everything else. For example;

5. I'm a scientist (biochemist/crystallographer).

  1. the method of science leads to truth and technological advances, which as a net benefit, uplifts humanity.
  2. I am excited about the possibility of enhancing human experience and intelligence through drugs and implants
  3. ... and through uploading/downloading.
  4. I would like to have the whole web in my head.
  5. I am engaged in an intensive life extension program.
  6. I am going for immediate quality of life improvements
  7. ... and increased longevity.

I feel that points 1-4 are coherent with regard to points 5-7.


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