Re: Extropy and Rednecks
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 10:34:56 -0800

Terry Donaghe, <>, writes:
> I disagree. It is easy to be a scientist and a socialist, but it is
> not possible to be an extropian and socialist. Some may disagree but
> read the principles that Max has written. Advocating the use of force
> against peaceful citizens has no place in extropianism.

But does socialism inherently involve advocating the use of force? Can't it be organized on a voluntary basis?

Consider: a group of socialists gets together and builds themselves a space station. They agree that the property will be the common ownership of the group, with specified procedures for group decisions. This is analogous to how a corporation works. The whole thing is organized voluntarily, and all the means of production are controlled by their society. Where is the force?