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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:38:13 -0800 (PST)

---Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:
> The sad thing is, I cannot disagree that this is the impression that
> this list projects. This list seems to attract more political
> commentators than researchers, more gun enthusiasts than computer
> enthusiasts, and more conspiracy nuts than scientists. There is more
> discussion about economic theories than on scientific theories.
> Arguments about vegetarians, animal rights, gun control, homosexuals,
> social classes, government actions, liberals, religion, class
> should be on alt.politics instead of the extropians list.
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> Harvey Newstrom <> <>
> Author, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Researcher, Scientist.

I disagree. It is easy to be a scientist and a socialist, but it is not possible to be an extropian and socialist. Some may disagree but read the principles that Max has written. Advocating the use of force against peaceful citizens has no place in extropianism.

Extropianism is not about technology or science. It is about a way of life that happens to promote technology and science as a means to the end of eliminating entropy.

How can we grow as individuals (a definite aim of Extropy) if we limit our discussion to science and technology? Poor, inconsistent memes must be weeded on a continual basis.

Am I right?

I'm sure that if you wish to have an exclusively scientific discussion you will find other lists to suit you. I'm sure that scientific discussion will continue here as well as discussions about politics, conspiracies, animal rights and rednecks. As long as we don't resort to name calling, I think all is fair game - even occaisional humor.

My redneck post was simply a light hearted and probably poor attempt at humor caused by excessive boredom on a Friday morning. I'm sorry you found it disgusting or disturbing.

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