Extropy and Rednecks

Terry Donaghe (tdonaghe@yahoo.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 07:12:59 -0800 (PST)

Ok, so I'm really bored this morning - SUE ME!

The Extropian Redneck:

The Redneck Application of the 7 Principles of Extropianism:

  1. Perpetual Progress - "I want to kill more deer. To do so, I will become a smarter hunter - ever increasing my deer hunting skills. If I live indefinitely, the number of deer I kill will increase. I will seek to remove all obstacles standing in the way of killing more deer - be they political, cultural, biological or psychological."
  2. Self-Transformation - "I also want to drink more beer. I affirm that I will direct my entire being to transform myself into a more efficient beer-drinking person. Through critical and creative thinking I will become a better beer drinker. I will explore biological and neurological augmentations that will allow me to consume ever-greater quantities of beer."
  3. Practical Optimism - "Life is great. I know I will continue to have more and more opportunities to drink beer and kill deer."
  4. Intelligent Technology - "There must be some way to applice science and technology to enable me to consume more beer and kill ever greater numbers of deer. Perhaps a new laser equipped, satellite enhanced site for my rifle, neuro-implants to sharpen my vision, and a mouth-widening operation to allow me to drink two bottles of beer at the same time. I refuse to see technology as an ends to itself, but more as an enabler to allow me to further my redneck goals."
  5. Open Society - "I support social orders that promote freedom of rifle ownership and deer hunting. I oppose authoritarian social controls which ban the drinking of beer, even on Sunday. I prefer bargaining over battling, exchange over compulsion, and serious hunting over spotlighting."
  6. Self-Direction - "The woods over over yonder, my rifle is right here and the cooler's in the truck! All set!"
  7. Rational Thinking - "I know that without hunting, the population of deer will skyrocket, and while large numbers of deer make for a target rich environment, too many deer will cause starvation which may lead to extinction of deer population in certain areas, perhaps including the Skunky Bark Huntin' Camp. The more accurate my rifle site is, the better shot I will become, thus increasing my hit to miss ratio. Beer frees the mind from worrying about the wife, twelve kids, six dogs, leaking roof, the Trans Am on blocks in front of the trailer, and my current lack of employment. Budweiser is indeed, the king of beers."

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